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01 — How I manage my time and respect deadlines?

Managing time effectively is crucial for project delivery. I prioritize tasks by dividing them based on importance and complexity. Starting with the most urgent and important ones ensures they receive immediate attention. Taking breaks when feeling overwhelmed is key, but I promptly return to work once rejuvenated. This approach helps me maintain focus, meet deadlines, and deliver projects efficiently.

02 — 5 ways I make sure communication is steady throughout a project to avoid unnecessary mistakes and misunderstanding?

1. Set Expectations: I make sure to ask and clearly understand project goals, timelines, and expectations from the beginning. This helps me align on the project's purpose and desired outcomes.

2. Regular Check-ins: I schedule regular check-in meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and updates. This ensures I am going in the right direction and I can address concerns promptly.

3. Address Issues Promptly: If misunderstandings or mistakes occur, address them promptly. Encourage team members to communicate challenges as soon as they arise to prevent escalation.

4. Use Collaboration Tools: I utilize project management and collaboration tools to centralize communication. This provides a shared space for discussions, file sharing, and updates.

5. Feedback Mechanism: I establish a feedback mechanism for team members to provide input on processes and communication.This continuous feedback loop helps refine communication strategies.

03 — How I respond to negative feedback?

I am a dedicated team player who flourishes in collaborative environments. For me, negative feedback is a valuable avenue for personal growth as a designer. I view it as an opportunity to inquire about areas of improvement, integrating diverse ideas and viewpoints into my designs. A notable instance occurred during a project collaboration with another skilled designer.

They suggested a change in the placement of a picture in my design to enhance visual readability. I expressed gratitude, welcomed the feedback, and promptly implemented the necessary changes.

04 — A project that challenged me and how I worked through the challenge.

‍My most intricate design project occurred when I undertook freelance work for a new company. While the project's objectives were ostensibly straightforward – redesigning the website, code and updating the design system – its complexity arose from the challenge of working with a client who exhibited indecision, frequently changing their preferences.

Balancing the needs of business owners with the goal of enhancing user experience added an additional layer of complexity to the project. It was an incredibly challenging undertaking. There were numerous occasions when fatigue set in, yet I remained focused on my goal. Every setback became an opportunity for me to assess my options, swiftly formulate a new plan, get back to work and deliver a successful result.